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Arctic Cultures Could Be Under Threat as Mining and Oil Come to their Lands

Novoye Chaplino, Russia – Chukotka is the most northeasterly region of Russia. It’s so far east, in fact, that it’s actually the only part of Russia that crosses the International Date Line into the Western Hemisphere. It may be remote, but it’s a perfect place for a test of traditional hunting and survival skills among Artic peoples. Emily Schwing has more.


Four Years Later, Eagle is Still Recovering from Historic Flood – Janaury 14, 2013

Eagle, AK –  Across the country, Americans are in a state of recovery.  On the east coast, residents are dealing with the aftermath of hurricane Sandy.  A drought in the southern and central portion of the nation is taking its toll.

In Alaska’s tiny communities of Eagle and Eagle Village, residents are also recovering…  Four years ago, the worst flood on record there wiped out the village and a portion of the city. KUAC’s Emily Schwing visited both communities last summer to find out how locals have fared since.


Spearfishing: A Lesson – October 18, 2013

For one month each fall, Interior residents wade into the crystal clear waters of the Chatanika River to catch whitefish. They spawn in the fall, unlike other fish in Alaska.  The state limits both the number of permits and the harvest. As Emily Schwing reports, this isn’t your typical fishery.  Instead of rods and reels, or nets, fishermen use spears.


Shutdown Could Mean Total Loss for One Biologist, Big Financial Hit For His Pilot – October 14, 2013

Fairbanks, AK – Among the many Americans affected by the government shutdown, are scientists who rely on federal funding for their work.  But that money doesn’t just go to the scientists.  As KUAC’s Emily Schwing reports, lots of it trickles down into the community.

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