public radio reporter in interior Alaska covering mushing, Arctic science and happenings in the Far North

Covering Conflict: Wolves in Alaska’s Denali National Park

‘Among Wolves’ Details Researcher’s Lifelong Passion 

By Emily Schwing

July 11, 2014

Earlier this year, the University of Alaska Press released a book detailing a biologist’s life-long effort to chronicle the lives of wolves that live inside the boundary of Denali Park and Preserve.

Marybeth Holleman was a friend of Doctor Gordon Haber, who was killed in a plane crash in Denali in 2009. Holleman spent the last few years digging through forty years’ worth of Haber’s field notes, journals and even tweets. Holleman has compiled Haber’s work into a new book.

Denali Wolf Management Plan Battle Continues

By Emily Schwing

January 25, 2013

Earlier this month, the Alaska Board of Game refused to lift a six-year moratorium on proposals regarding wolves in the Denali region. The moratorium was put in place after the board canceled a trapping and hunting buffer zone on the eastern border of the park in 2010.  It’s the latest in an ongoing battle between the state, environmental groups and the federal government on how best to manage wolves in Denali National Park.

Park Service Releases Survey Results For Denali Wolves

Emily Schwing

November 29, 2012

The National Park Service this week released the results of this year’s fall wolf count. The final numbers indicate that the wolf population in Denali National Park and Preserve has fallen by 61 percent since an all-time high of 147 wolves were counted in 2007.

Biologist Requests Land East Of Denali Park Be Closed To Hunting, Trapping

By Emily Schwing

November 29, 2012

Fairbanks, AK -Conservation Biologist Rick Steiner sent a request this week to Alaska Department of Fish and Game Commissioner Cora Campbell asking for an emergency order that would close state lands east of Denali National Park to hunting and trapping wolves. The season opened Nov. 1. Steiner made a similar request last May after Park Service biologists reported the dispersal of the Grant Creek Wolf Pack. The pack did not produce pups this year.

Group Files Petition To Prohibit Wolf Trapping, Hunting Along Denali Park’s Eastern Border

By Emily Schwing

October 3, 2013

Fairbanks, AK – A group of wildlife conservation organizations filed a petition for reconsideration Wednesday with the Alaska Board of Game that requests the adoption of an emergency regulation to prohibit trapping and hunting of wolves along the eastern border of Denali National Park and Preserve.

Board of Game Denies Wolf Protection Request

By Emily Schwing

October 10, 2012

Fairbanks, AK – The Alaska Board of Game will not honor a request to reconsider an emergency regulation to protect wolves along the eastern border of Denali National Park and Preserve. A handful of Wildlife advocacy groups and individuals have fielded a second petition asking to close state lands to hunting and trapping wolves near the park.


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